RentEASY is a property management platform that aims to streamline communication between agents and tenants


Figma, Slack

Project Duration:

June 2023 - August 2023


UX/UI Designer

Project Summary

RENTEASY is a comprehensive property management service designed to streamline management processes among property owners, landlords, agents, and tenants. It accomplishes this by offering features for easy payment processing, maintenance request submission, and efficient data collection and organisation for tax reporting.

Over the course of the project I collaborated closely with both the client and the software developer to design a high-fidelity prototype that was to be presented to potential investors to garner their support.


Managing multiple properties across different platforms causes users to experience an increase in inconsistent communication, lack of timely maintenance and negative experiences between users.


RENTEASY houses a collection of tools designed to streamline property management, fostering efficient communication and collaboration among property managers, owners, and renters.

Using user flows to differentiate user types

After receiving a comprehensive list of the website's features, I began mapping out user flows. This process was used to determine the navigation paths for various user profiles and defining their respective access. The client had a specific request to direct certain users to the mobile app, rather than granting access to the desktop version so I used the flows to figure out at which point the users would split and how.

Below is a snapshot of some of the early user flow iterations used to plan and evaluate each different users sign in journey.

Design and Development

I dedicated approximately 2 to 3 weeks to the design and prototyping phase of the beta product. During this period, I held informal feedback sessions with the client and stakeholders to ensure the content and functionality was accurate. I produced roughly around 3-5 iterations for the different components similar to the example shown below.

Project handoff

I presented the beta version of the product to the client and recorded a series of brief videos, which were to be distributed to potential investors to secure their support for further development. Collaborating closely with the developer, I ensured that the designs were ready for developer hand off in the event that funding is secured.

Key Learnings

Throughout this project I succeeded in producing high fidelity designs very rapidly thanks to the use of a well-established design system. Designing early concepts for the sole purpose of gaining investor support requires frequent design assessments and on-the-spot modifications. This way of working helped me gain valuable experience in optimizing my workflow on the go to meet requirements.

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